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Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Ron Paul fan club

This is not about politics.

While I have to admit that Mike Huckabee definitely has impressed me with his bass playing (which is decent, but more marked by the fact that he plays a "semi-boutique"** bass-- a Tobias. He's even on YouTube.)

I'm also amused that John Edwards has decided that Men Who Look Like Kenny Rogers is part of his core demographic.

But I've been really interested by the grass roots campaigning of the Ron Paul campaign (and supporters). More thoughts after the jump.

If you have any exposure to the blogosphere, you've likely heard of Ron Paul.

You can't have read Digg lately without finding a reference to him.

What is interesting to me is that this all seems to be a rather deliberate and purposeful effort. It looks like a very organized grassroots effort to provide their candidate with coverage that I doubt that the mainstream media would have provided.

Our generation now has the Internet as one of the primary influencers of thought, and one campaign seems to have really capitalized on that. I suspect that the cost for this extra boost in "market presence" was the equivalent of a rounding error in a normal campaign budget.

It isn't quite as catchy as a bass solo (or men who look like Kenny Rogers for that matter) but pretty impressive, none the less.

** Semi-boutique: since these are really production line basses built by Gibson, but originally designed by Mike Tobias. He may have a pre-Gibson model, in which case, it's in great condition, and a boutique bass.

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