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Friday, May 30, 2008


<rant mode=on>Granted, growing up with a schoolteacher as a parent ingrained some orthodoxy. I'm willing to tolerate you interrupting me without raising your hand. You can go to the bathroom without asking (holding up 1 or 2 fingers is absolutely out of the question).

But why, oh why, must you make spelling errors?

I just got an email from a marketing company suggesting that I might want to find and eliminate "Rouge Access Points" from my corporate network.

I'm wondering what that looks like? Ethernet enabled makeup stations? Do they come in mirrored configurations?

What I'd really like to have is a roux access point, since that implies cajun food (mmm. étouffée. gumbo.). But I don't think they have them yet. That I'd download a whitepaper for. Read more...

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Alembic at 6 Months

So, I picked up my Alembic roughly 6 months ago. I can't thank Mica, Susan, Valentino, Ron and the craftsmen at Alembic enough.

Pictures after the jump.


Simply put, this is the most beautiful bass I've ever seen. All of the elements work together, the Coco Bolo, Vermilion and Purpleheart, the Maple and Ebony. Amazing.


The neck is just right. Thin, sleek, effortless. String spacing is really nice at 18mm; enough room for slap, while still room for speedy fingerstyle.


The Emacs of bass electronics. Yes, it does that, for every value of that. But mind-altering; it takes a serious effort to grok them. Mica's hint of concentrating on one pickup at a time helps (like viper-mode in emacs :)).


BlackBerry Bold

Ok, so it has iTunes support (which makes sense, since the iPhone added MS Exchange support). That will be nice (all-in-one cell, email, pda, media player == less stuff to lug == good.)

But the really big news is also the source of the name for the device: the bold screen.

A half-VGA screen.

You can never be too thin, too rich, or have too much resolution.

Granted, the iPhone probably still has a better browser (and I've been considering getting one and hacking it to run on T-mobile) and multi-touch support, but the bold has a keyboard, which makes it actually usable for email.