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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Android irritation

Against my better judgement, I became an early adopter of the T-Mobile G1. There are some really good points, and some really irritating points. Hit the link for my thoughts.
First, the good. 3G, nice! It has a full keyboard, which is nice, but I think I could still type faster on my BlackBerry Pearl. The Web Browser is great.

Now, the irritations:

The email client (not Gmail) is a crying shame. Performance is terrible. Won't allow self-signed certificates for SSL/TLS connections*. It CRASHES when you open iCal (*.ics) or vCard (*.vcf) files. For "the rest of us" who don't want to send all our mail to be indexed by the all-encompassing Google, this application is actually insultingly bad.

I mistakenly updated to RC30, so I cannot get root on my device. Now, I don't need that, except for the fact that I'd like to have a VPN client, and there aren't any available. This is especially irritating, since I know how to configure Linux to establish the VPN connection, but since I don't have root on the device, no dice. Please someone jailbreak RC30.

* Good news on the email front: the K-9 Mail project has started to replace the default email client, and with some modest changes is already much better than the built-in client. One change of note (coded by yours truly, currently in beta) is that the K-9 Mail client can accept self-signed certificates, and certificates that have mis-matched hostnames (it pops up a dialog asking if you want to accept the key or not).

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