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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Computer Science/Engineering, an analogy

Computer science is to programming as pigmentation science is to painting.

I have asked the same question of people that I have worked with for the last 10-15 years (a long time). Here it is:

Is programming an art or a science?
Before I give you the answer, think about this: when you look at a beautiful building, there is a lot of science involved. But the thing that made it beautiful was not the science, it was the artistry that built on that science.

In case it's not immediately obvious, the near unanimous answer was: it is an art. Anecdotally, the better the person was at getting things done the more likely they were to answer "art", and quickly.

The sooner we get over the idea of programming as an "engineering discipline" or "science", the better.

Next time you hear someone going on about how we need "formal proofs" or "stronger engineering" for applications, ask them: "What have you actually built lately?"

(Image from user LukeGordon1 on Flickr, and is Creative Commons licensed)

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