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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Robotic Overlord Magic Quadrant

With the announcement that there are between one and ten million computers infected with the Storm Worm (estimated), I thought I would provide a magic quadrant style guide to our eventual domination by, and complete submission to, our new robotic overlords.

Computer Scientist Peter Gutman calculates that the Storm Worm has access to more computing power than the top ten supercomputers in the world, combined. He also estimates that it controls between 1 and 10 petabytes of ram.

Article here.

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Eric said...

So are you saying that Skynet is a virus? I can believe HAL 9000 was infected with a virus (or at least extremely flawed programming), but Skynet was supposedly "self-aware" and just performing a fuction of self-preservation/domination, which is what any sentient being would do. If you are simply referring to them as "Robotic Overlords", that VB script called the "I Love You" (including various variations thereof) could hardly be considered anything more than a worm, without even the computer power of the Storm Worm, and therefore no Overlord at all.

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