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Monday, October 29, 2007

Concert last weekend

This weekend, my wife attended an event, leaving me as sole provider to the kids. Always looking to expand their horizons (and lacking adult supervision!), I decided to take them to see some live music.

Kimberly Lynn is a bass soloist, who has an interesting methodology: she uses a looper (which is pretty much de rigueur for soloists), but also has a MIDI pickup. Anyhow, she's very talented, and the music is interesting (the kids definitely liked it). I'll even forgive her for a rendition of White Christmas before Halloween.

She is currently playing Saturday nights in Poulsbo, WA at Casa Luna. Check her out if you have the chance.

On the way back, we took the Bainbridge Island ferry (see picture above). I loaded the little ones with hot chocolate and made them stand out on the freezing cold prow with me. It brought back the magic of childhood-- they were so excited to be on the ferry, asking about sharks, "we drive onto the ferry?!?!", etc.

I wish I had thought to bring a kite.

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