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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Android is actually "Getting There"

I finally have all the applications I need for the G1 to be truly useable, and at least give it parity with the Blackberry or iphone.

The main things:

Push (Exchange) email, in the form of a $25 download called Touchdown. This app is a bit wonky from a usability standpoint, but has consistently gotten better as the developer has released improved versions.

While I feel that this should be DEFAULT FUNCTIONALITY (are you listening Google?!), I can say it's worth the price, and I haven't really had any major problems with it once it was configured (configuration is a bit of a pain).

PPTP VPN: Thanks to Cyanogen for backporting this to CyanogenMod (if you're not running this, you're missing out on a better experience). This is slated to be included in the Donut release, but CyanogenMod has it now, and it works (although I haven't been able to get it working on WiFi).

Those were the two biggest things that were just *missing* from the Android stack, and I can actually recommend the G1 for business users. The PPTP thing makes me really happy, especially since the PPP daemon has probably supported it since the launch, but there was no way to properly drive it.

Photo by Max.

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